Leaving no one Behind

A social enterprise geared to empower the Deaf community


Who we are

Veezaviz is an assistive technology company leveraging on the power of Machine Learning, specifically, Computer Vision, and 3D animation enabling two way communication between the deaf and the hearing/blind with no need of the hearing/blind understanding sign language.

Our Mission

To bring a voice for the deaf to communicate their desires, ambitions and concerns.

Our Goals

  • To accelerate disability innovation to secure a fairer world for disabled people
  • Improve the immediate and long term employment,health and educational outcomes for the deaf
  • Partner with organizations globally and assist them in becoming more inclusive
  • Engage young deaf people as problem solvers and accelerate a more sustainable future.
  • Promote equitable access to civic participation, working spaces, governance and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our Why?

Our motivation comes from directly witnessing the struggles of deaf and heard of hearing (hoh) children, youth and generally people with disabilities struggling to succeed in being able to be part of the healthcare systems, education, labor market and social inclusion.

Our Product


OUr Big vision

Innovation Lab

Our innovation lab, a free and safe space for the deaf community for co creating solutions that will positively impact commuities.

Innovation Challenge

We hold an innovation challenge to equip young deaf people as problem-solvers and engaged members of civil society, helping to create a better world.


We organize workshops for discussion and training activities for knowledge sharing.

Social Platform

We are connecting the hearing impared community to bring forth sense of belonging


Occasionally we have non - official meetups to facilitate connections between young people and existing work opportunities.


We reach out to the unhearing in all special institutions empowering them to be the gamechangers in their community


Our Hardworking Team

Elly Savatia

Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lumona Mulengwa

Co Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Phoebe Wakio

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Moenga

Head of 3D Animations

Faith Izaka

Speech & Sign Language Pathologist

Davis Mwangi

User Experience Designer

Priscilla Wambui

Project Manager


Partners & Supporters

We proudly acknowledge our supporters